Novak djokovic arrives in Belgrade serbie after deportation from Australia.

 Novak djokovic arrives in Belgrade serbie after deportation from Australia. 

The Australian Open is about to begin in Melbourne without its defending men's champion Novak Djokovic has been deported after losing his legal challenge to the cancelling of his visa. The judge has ruled in favor of the Australian government, who said his refusal to be vaccinated against COVID made him a threat to public health from Melbourne. Shaima hmil reports.

He's used to winning on court, but today, he was defeated in it. The world's number one men's tennis player lost his last edge battle to stay in the country and was forced out of Australia amended application they dismissed. The three judges upheld the government's decision to cancel his visa. The Immigration Minister had argued that the unvaccinated tennis stars presence here could bolster anti vaccination sentiment. In his statement, the world number one said I will now take time to rest and recuperate. Before making any further comments. I'm extremely disappointed with the court ruling to dismiss my application outside the board many of his fans were still in shock and emotions were high. Stress was against it and exemption. He was.

And surveus presidents was even more indignant Jay medicalization proposal.

We were mistreating him for 10 days. Why did you do it? Which has come against him and that is something that no one can understand.

Novak djokovic deported from Australia 

This was a high stakes chord battle for both sides. The government has been publicly embarrassed by its mishandling of the controversy while the player was desperate to avoid forfeiting the chance to compete for his record breaking 21st Grand Slam title. This has been an extraordinary week for Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open where the gates are meant to open here. in under an hour. Joe COVID himself said that he now hopes the focus shifts from him to the tournament that he loves will now the tournaments that he loves is starting without him. He was meant to play here in a few hours. But now that won't happen.

 He won't get a chance to win that record breaking title. We're Wrathion adult there are still so many questions for Novak Djokovic about whether he'll be able to compete in other tournaments whether he'll get a ban a three year ban here in Australia. Whatever happens this has been one of the most controversial episodes not just for the Australian Open, but for the sport itself. China's Thank you. 

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