Bob Marppey extraordinaire life story, how he became the popular regaee music songer

 Bob Marley extraordinaire life story, how he became the popular regaee music songer. 

He was transferred on my way to make February 1945 as father's name was notable Marley's and mother's name was Mr Lee Booker. His father was a soldier who was a writer and singer songwriter.

The young people, pursued his education,

primary and junior high school, to come into a heart failure. When I was a child and 10 years

later known as bunny Wailer, whose Daddy has had a daughter with Bob's mother. The two boys began collaborating on music, and soon formed a band along with friends leave early Kelsen Junior breakpoint and Peter Tosh 90, Do you still love me, Judge not, terror, and one cup of coffee, but with the help of recording art, good music, And can emit.

The Wailing wailers became the Wailers that record company owner. Notice that the 1964 whalers produced their debut track down under Cox. Next year, right, the band released their first album, The Wailing wailers with the successful singles rose boys in 1966 also left the band to pursue their solo careers. 

They got married and Anderson, commonly known as Rita, on February 10 1966 Kingston had three children and Stevens. Just released their first international welcome song rebels and 91 recording artist, les scratch periods. 1971, the band released two popular albums revolution, and the best ways to flatter ironically contains new tracks and was a collection of songs produced earlier agenda and normally signed a contract with London based on CBS Records and collaborated with American musician Johnny Nash for a tour of United Kingdom will do a boat.

 Next to catch on wire in 1973. It was moderately successful with 14,000 copies being sold. The same year, the album burning was produced, containing the head tracking, I shot the sheriff 1974 Bob's band was supposed to kickstart 17 concerts, United States before other music groups took over. However, their popularity had grown to such an extent that their performance had to be stopped after the first full concert, the Wailers disbanded, but Marley continued to build solo albums and singles. Marley and the Wailers. McKenna famous singer released a solo album. During the year 1974 with popular singles like no woman no cry. 

No woman no cry best song

 in 1975, new band members the parent is Tyrone Downey, oh Anderson, as well as brothers asked Carlton.

The following year, he also produced the album, rest him in a vibration with a single core DeMayo, excellent performances, including this video, like Africa you wake up to the famous thinkers like redemption, died on May 11 1981 At the age of 36 love the life you live. live in life you love. Bob Marley.

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