Eminem's daughter opens up about her childhood and reveals why she was 'so scared'

 Eminem's daughter opens up about her childhood and reveals why she was 'so scared'

Eminem's grandchild Hailie Jade Mathers started up about her children raising kids as a best known rapper's youngest child on the first old show of her latest app "Just A Little Shady," which premiered Friday. 

Although she begins to feel she had a so very "normal" young life going to events academy with her closest mate and panel show cast member Brittany Ednie, she even said thinking back on her moments as an elderly she still clearly understands how far off the ordinary they enough that. 

For excellent demonstration, the friends remembered when Mathers leisurely welcomed Ednie onto her dad's minibus wondering a van was also something everyone's uncle seemed to have. 

At about the five-minute sign of the app, Ednie and Mathers remember clearly a trip they did take to Disney World in Florida. 

"My dad was working on something and he was working the whole time but he set up for us to do the limo and take it to Disney and we did the princess tea party. 

Ednie discussed the undergo as "so cute" and Mathers unfortunate she principles it even more as a 26-year-old girl. 

"Even then at the time we were so happy and so excited, but we didn't get to appreciate that moment as much as now when we talk about it and think back on it we're like 'Oh my God, that was just like, awesome,'" she sustained. 

Mathers told reporters she liked to think that someone being 'associated' anyone that was sipping 18 years of age would still get her 'in trouble' 

Mathers 'stepdad Eminem (whose real surname is Marshall Mathers) has so far been responsive about his alcoholism to pain killers. 

"I was the worst kind of addict, a functioning addict," Eminem told the New York Times in 2009. "I was so deep into my addiction at one point that I couldn't picture myself being able to do anything without some kind of drug." 

According to Mathers on the panel show, she grew with an fear of being together drink and drug. She described that within middle school, she didn't consume alcohol go to factions. 

"I feel like everyone was doing that but I just didn't... I was so naive to all of it," she said that at the 7: 40 threshold of the audio. 

Mathers even kept away from college ball gameplay after the "first and last" single she took a trip to.

" One of my friends came up to me and talked right at my face and I was like 'Oh my god, you're drinking,' "she remembered, characterizing herself as" so appalled "during the chat, which did occur at or around the time 8: 15 logo of the panel show. 

" It hit me right in that moment, I was like, 'I' ve gotta go, '' she continued. "I liked to think that really being related to anybody here that has been sipping I used to be got ta have in distress." 

Mathers said she "hadn't ever went to jail" growing up because she "not ever just do anything" that would warrant punishment. 

"I was still so terrified... I liked to think if I did anything illegal I was a miserable human," she said, admitting that some of the things she stayed away from were "what really youngsters do that in hs." 

Ednie described Mathers as "right track" at the time. But Mathers said she loosened up around her sophomore year of college when she joined a sorority.

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